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Elements To Keep In Mind As You Heal From Gum Grafting Surgery

Gum grafting surgery is essentially a kind of procedure that entails removal of some part of your mouth tissues to mend a part of your gums that has been exposed overtime. These gums usually expose the roots of the teeth when they are left open. With time, you may find that if you have such exposed gums with no surgery, you could be looking at imminent tooth decay and eventually end up losing your teeth. So, then having had reason enough to undergo the surgery and additionally having already gone through the entire surgery, you need to be very careful with your post-surgery activities. Then begs the question, what activities are you to follow in your post-surgery lifestyle? Therefore, having already gone through the surgery, what activities must you then follow through your healing process?

You must be very careful when going about your post-surgery medication. Any time you have gone through surgery; you must be keen with the elements of medicine that the doctor prescribes for you. In most cases, after surgery, you are required to take home antibiotics. Hence, ensure that you follow the doctor’s prescriptions to the letter. Observe dosage written and if it is unclear, be sure to confirm with your doctor. It is very important for one not to make assumptions when dealing with dosage.

One needs to additionally avoid cold and hot foods. The mouth is technically a very sensitive part of the body and after surgery, its gets even more sensitive. Hence, make sure you have stayed away from foods of this nature. Hot and cold foods may additionally cause you to have swellings in the mouth. So, make sure that the foods you take are essentially neutral with the temperatures so that you do not end up feeling uncomfortable. Having done this, you will be able to ultimately heal without suffering any issues.

Another factor you must be looking to observe is the aspect of going on a liquid diet after which you can then ease your way into soft solid foods. The reason for this is because you do not want to feel uncomfortable when foods of a scratchy texture are nearing your healing areas. This may eventually give you trouble when eating. It is advised that you take to a less stressful diet such as soups and stews. Once you feel that your body is maintaining a healthier feeling in mouth texture, you can decide to take foods that are softer though solid for example mashed potatoes, avocadoes and even eggs. Also, ensure that you keep off from spicy foods to avoid any possible irritation of the healing areas. You may be inclined to do this for around one week so that you can heal in a healthy way.

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